Another triple crown member

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Former writer Roland De Wolfe made poker history Sunday night becoming the second player to accomplish all three legs of poker's triple crown. After winning Event 26, the $5,000 pot-limit Omaha high-low split tournament, De Wolfe added a WSOP bracelet to his resume that already boasts WPT (Paris, 2005) and EPT (Dublin, 2006) championships

De Wolfe's best previous WSOP finish was third place in a no-limit hold 'em shootout in 2006 and after 14 cashes, De Wolfe can finally hold the bracelet everyone is looking for.

"Ever since I won the event in Dublin at the EPT, I have been wanting the bracelet, which is the missing link," said De Wolfe. "Three years I have been here at the finals, and today I finally got a few breaks. I am vey much aware of the history behind this, and the best thing of all is to win all three (major poker titles)."

The field of 198 players left behind a very strong eight to battle it out at the final table. Bracelet winners Alexander Kravchenko and Scott Clements highlighted the table that also included 2009 SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) most valuable player Brett Richey, Andy Black, 23-year old up and comer John Racener.

"There were some great players at the final table," said De Wolfe. "Scott Clements and Brett Richey -- they play that game all the time. So, I was looking at what they did during the tournament and tried to learn. I watched what they did and then put a bit of my own insight into the game."

This was De Wolfe's third time playing in an Omaha high-low split tournament which is quite impressive by itself. However, to defeat any Omaha table that included Clements speaks volumes. Clements has two bracelets in Omaha high-low and was the runner-up in the Omaha high-low world championship last week.

"I remember when I finished fourth in the event Erick Lindgren won last year," said De Wolfe. "You could see the pressure was all on him, even though he was a brilliant player. The pressure to get that first one (a gold bracelet) gets you nervous. When we got here, heads-up I had a 4 to 1 chip lead. I felt very nervous and I am not someone who gets nervous. I won the WPT and EPT without being nervous. But here, I didn't have the experience in this game. Thankfully, it went my way."

Other notable finishers include Scott Clements (3rd), Alexander Kravchenko (5th) and Jeffrey Lisandro (17th).

Below are the complete results of Event 26:

Event 27: Omaha high-low split
Buy-in: $5,000
Prize pool: $470,000
Players in the money: 18

1. Roland De Wolfe ($246,616)
2. Brett Richey ($152,618)

3. Scott Clements ($101,063)

4. Robert Campbell ($72,121)

5. Alexander Kravchenko ($53,881)
6. Andrew Black ($42,993)

7. John Racener ($36,200)

8. Armando Ruiz II ($32,105)

9. Anthony Lellouche ($29,965)

10. Stewart Yancik ($21,962)

11. Mark Bartlog ($21,962)

12. Senovio III Ramirez ($21,962)

13. Andrew Bloch ($17,495)

14. Kirill Rabtsov ($17,495)

15. Matt Lefkowitz ($17,495)

16. Kenny Tam ($14,889)

17. Jeffrey Lisandro ($14,889)

18. Chris Bell ($14,889)