Jeffrey Papola denies Men Nguyen No. 8

Here at ESPN.com, we've started to call the 2010 World Series of Poker the Year of Redemption. Now, there's another name we can add to the story to support our idea. Jeffrey Papola finished second less than a week ago in Event 26, the $2,500 six-handed no-limit hold 'em event, and promptly entered Event 32, the $5,000 six-handed no-limit hold 'em event. Just a few days later, Papola was at the final table of Event 32 and won his first bracelet and $667,433. There was no falling just short this time. For his two cashes so far this WSOP, Papola has reached seven figures in earnings. Not bad for the amateur who entered the year with a total of $97,296 in WSOP money.

The key story that everyone was following throughout the final table was the double-bracelet chase of Men "The Master" Nguyen. Already securing his seventh career bracelet in Event 10, Nguyen would hold the chip lead three-handed, but would finish runner-up, earning $412,746. This was the fifth time in his career he finished second. He also is second on the all-time cash list, behind Phil Hellmuth, with 70 lifetime cashes.

The battle between Nguyen and Papola went for four and a half hours finally resulting in Papola's pocket jacks holding against Nguyen's K-10. The 25-year-old Pace University law student was previously upset with his second-place finish, but felt relieved that his second opportunity didn't slip away.

"I was really depressed afterward, despite getting the big payout," Papola said of his finish in Event 26. "So, to come back and get here with a win feels amazing. I was the early chip leader and then I lost it when I was heads-up against Men. Then, I came back and even though I doubled Men up twice, I still managed to win. So, it feels amazing to come out with a win after that."

Papola's future career in law is also unclear due to his extensive winnings this summer.

"I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with it," he said of his law degree. "I have learned a lot of things [in school]. But as far as practicing law, I do not see myself being able to do that, because I really do not like the 9 to 5 thing. That's one reason I was so drawn to poker. I'm learning things that will help me in business and in life ... it's to give my life some balance. If I were not in law school, I would probably be playing poker 80 hours a week, and I prefer to do something apart from just play poker."

The nine-hour and 15 minute final table also featured Erick Lindgren, who earned $82,303 to bring him over the $2 million mark in career WSOP winnings.

Here's a look at some highlights during the Event 32 final table:

Other notable finishers from Event 32 include Christian Harder (14th), Tom Marchese (24th) and Shannon Shorr (33rd).

Below are the complete results of Event 32 at the 2010 World Series of Poker:

Event 32: six-handed no-limit hold 'em
Buy-in: $5,000
Entries: 568
Prize pool: $2,669,600
Players in the money: 54

1. Jeffrey Papola ($667,433)
2. Men Nguyen ($412,746)
3. Mark Radoja ($262,902)
4. Bruno Launais ($173,123)
5. Orlando Delacruz ($117,595)
6. Erick Lindgren ($82,303)
7. Taylor McFarland ($59,291)
8. Darren Elias ($59,291)
9. Paul Sheng ($43,941)
10. Evan Panesis ($43,941)
11. Anthony Roux ($33,476)
12. Lucas Greenwood ($33,476)
13. Samlane Phomveha ($26,188)
14. Christian Harder ($26,188)
15. Eugene Todd ($26,188)
16. John Conkright ($26,188)
17. Dmitry Motorov ($26,188)
18. Tyler Kenney ($26,188)
19. David Ulliott ($21,036)
20. Javier Martinez ($21,036)
21. Matt Brady ($21,036)
22. Oscar Erixon ($21,036)
23. Matthias Neu ($21,036)
24. Thomas Marchese ($21,036)
25. Anthony Spinella ($17,325)
26. Matthew Graham ($17,325)
27. Ryan D'Angelo ($17,325)
28. Tony Dunst ($17,325)
29. Sanghyon Cheong ($17,325)
30. Xavier Jacquet ($17,325)
31. William Dorey ($14,629)
32. Chris Bell ($14,629)
33. Shannon Shorr ($14,629)
34. Keith Ferrera ($14,629)
35. Russell Weatherford ($14,629)
36. Ryan Thurlow ($14,629)
37. Nico Behling ($12,653)
38. David Jaoui ($12,653)
39. Jose De Paz ($12,653)
40. Andrew Robl ($12,653)
41. Helen Ellis ($12,653)
42. Matthew Schwarmann ($12,653)
43. Joseph Ebanks ($11,345)
44. Michael Hauptman ($11,345)
45. Benjamin Spindler ($11,345)
46. Toto Leonidas ($11,345)
47. Mclean Karr ($11,345)
48. Thomas Laumer ($11,345)
49. Isaac Haxton ($10,171)
50. Eric Baldwin ($10,171)
51. Christian Iacobellis ($10,171)
52. Rodney Pennington ($10,171)
53. Shawn Buchanan ($10,171)
54. Craig Marquis ($10,171)