Velador defeats Chiu in Event 33

It takes a lot to win a split-game tournament. To win an event like Event 33, $2,500 pot-limit hold 'em/pot-limit Omaha split, players have to be more than proficient in each game. They have to master both of them and be able to pick on their opponents if they find that one of the games is weaker than the other. Every eight hands, the game changed and players would adjust to the new task at hand. There were 482 players entered this event with hopes of proving they had the ability, and Luis Velador made his way through the tough field (and even more difficult final table) to win his second World Series of Poker bracelet and $260,552.

Entering the third day of play, Phil Ivey was the focus of those following the tournament. Ivey, making his first final day of the 2010 WSOP, would be eliminated by Velador to finish 12th. Velador, probably happy that Ivey wasn't part of the final table, would have to defeat out Gavin Cochrane, James Mitchell, Victor Ramdin, Kevin MacPhee, Craig Gray, Rob Hollink and finally David Chiu to win the event. This was the second WSOP final table and the second win for the Corona, Calif., native who typically plays cash games at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.

"It means a lot to me," Velador said of the bracelet. "I mean, any bracelet is always going to mean a lot -- especially beating so many tough players. This was a very tough final table."

Velador had very specific plans for the bracelet after his victory. "Tomorrow is my wife's birthday," he said. "I promised I was going to bring her the bracelet. That's what I'm going to do."

Chiu, a four-time bracelet winner, has played extremely well this year but has yet to add to his bracelet collection. He has made three final tables, finishing fourth, ninth and now, second. He has $251,018 to show for his efforts this year and $2.8 million over his career. On the other end of the spectrum Kevin MacPhee was making his first WSOP final table. The recent European Poker Tour-Berlin champion earned $62,791 for his biggest WSOP cash.

Other notable finishers from Event 33 include Phil Ivey (12th), Justin Smith (21st) and Ross Boatman (27th).

Below are the complete results of Event 33 at the 2010 World Series of Poker:

Event 33: split pot-limit hold 'em/pot-limit Omaha
Buy-in: $2,500
Entries: 482
Prize pool: $1,108,600
Players in the money: 45

1. Luis Velador ($260,517)
2. David Chiu ($160,902)
3. Rob Hollink ($116,359)
4. Craig Gray ($85,030)
5. Kevin MacPhee ($62,791)
6. Victor Ramdin ($46,861)
7. James Mitchell ($35,331)
8. Gavin Cochrane ($26,906)
9. Matt Sterling ($20,698)
10. Burt Boutin ($16,075)
11. Joshua Tieman ($16,075)
12. Phil Ivey ($16,075)
13. Tristan McDonald ($12,671)
14. Konstantin Bucherl ($12,671)
15. Russ Floyd ($12,671)
16. Thomas Giorgi ($9,988)
17. John Kabbaj ($9,988)
18. Carman Cavella ($9,988)
19. Steven van Zadelhoff ($7,982)
20. Donny Carlton ($7,982)
21. Justin Smith ($7,982)
22. David Paredes ($7,982)
23. John O'Shea ($7,982)
24. Peyman Luth ($7,982)
25. Robert Johns ($7,982)
26. Mark Davis ($7,982)
27. Ross Boatman ($7,982)
28. Tyler Patterson ($6,441)
29. Stewart Newman ($6,441)
30. Claudio Rinaldi ($6,441)
31. Tom Hu ($6,441)
32. Ishak Noyan ($6,441)
33. Steve Zolotow ($6,441)
34. Allan Le ($6,441)
35. Craig Hartman ($6,441)
36. Al Adler ($6,441)
37. Shawn Rice ($5,244)
38. Mike Schneider ($5,244)
39. Michael Shklover ($5,244)
40. Dermot Blain ($5,244)
41. Andy Black ($5,244)
42. Jeffrey Lisandro ($5,244)
43. Chris Reslock ($5,244)
44. Jay Zimmet ($5,244)
45. Matt Giannetti ($5,244)