How to win

Ready to make poker history? Of course you are and the ESPN Poker Club is going to give one lucky winner the opportunity to play in the biggest tournament in the world this summer. Best of all, you can win this for free so sign up today! To win, players must first qualify for the Sunday Qualifier by playing during the week in the ways mentioned below. Prizes are given weekly, so be sure to play every day!

Weekly qualifying occurs from Sunday at midnight for poker room points and 11:30 p.m. for tournament points. There are four ways to qualify:

• Play 1500 Hands
• Win 10 single table tournaments
• Win a multi-table tournament
• The Daily Big Play

Qualify by playing 1500 hands
• A player will earn one (1) Poker Room Point for every
twenty-five (25) hands he/she plays in any game in the Poker Room (Hold 'Em, 7 Card, Omaha, 5 Card). A total of sixty (60) Poker Room Points are needed prior to Saturday at midnight ET to qualify for the Sunday Qualifier. To learn how to play any of these games, click here.

Qualify by winning ten (10) single table tournaments
• A player will earn six (6) Tournament Points for every Single Table Tournament he/she wins; A single table tournament consists of a maximum ten (10) players. These are available 24/7. The buy in for these tournaments range from $300 to $500 play money and come in Hold 'Em, Omaha, and 7 Card Stud formats. For more information on single table tournaments, click here.

Qualify by winning one (1) Multi-Table Tournament
• A player will earn sixty (60) Tournament Points for every Multi-Table Tournament he/she wins. A Multi-Table tournament consists of anywhere from 135 players to 150 players. These occur every 20 minutes Monday through Saturday and on Sunday twice an hour. The buy in for these tournaments are $200+$100. The 2nd place player will earn 36 pts, 3rd place will earn 24 points, fourth place will earn 18 pts, fifth place will earn 12 points, and sixth through tenth place will earn 6 pts. For more information about multi-table tournaments, click here.

Qualify through the Daily Big Play
• A player will earn sixty (60) Tournament Points for every Daily Big Play Tournament in which he/she places in the top 20. The Daily Big Play occurs at 2pm, 8pm, and 11pm EST Monday through Saturday. Players that finish 21st to 40th place will pay out eighteen (18) points and 41st to 50th place will pay out six (6) points.

The Sunday Qualifier

• The Sunday Qualifiers takes place each week at 12, 5, and 9 PM EST. Registration will open for these tournaments three hours prior to the start and will continue until 5 minutes after the tournament as late registration is allowed or until the first player is eliminated. Qualified players may register by clicking on the tournament link on the "Sunday Qualifier" tab in the "Tournament" section of the ESPN Poker Club Game Client lobby. Once a qualified player clicks on the link he/she is entered into the tournament and will placed at a table. The tournament will begin at the set start time.

• The top 25 players from each Sunday Qualifying Tournament will move on to the Final Tournament. Sunday Qualifiers are open to all players that qualified during the previous week and may be broken up into separate tournaments depending on the number of players that qualify and register to play.

The Final Tournament

• The Final Tournament, which will be held on Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Qualified players must register to participate in the Final Tournament, which they may do at any time prior to the Final Tournament, but no later than 8:00 p.m. ET on the day of the tournament. Qualified players may register by clicking on the "Enter Final Tournament" link in the "Tournament" section of the ESPN Poker Club Game Client lobby. The top player of this final tournament will receive the Final Tournament Grand Prize Package.