NFL Network takes over Cowboys, Bucs' networks

NEW YORK -- The NFL Network has taken control of the
regional networks run by the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well as a fledgling one being set up by Atlanta.

In return, the teams will get items for local use from the
networks, which conducts shows that includes all 32 coaches.

The decision was made at last week's meetings in Maui, Sports
Business Journal reported Monday. It was approved by a vote of

The NFL Network began broadcasting in late 2003 and has had
increasing control in recent months in broadcasting league events,
ranging from announcements of the Hall of Fame vote to live news
conferences from league meetings.

Commissioner Paul Tagliabue had previously placed a moratorium
on adding regional networks, although the Cowboys were allowed to
keep running theirs because it had already started. The new league
move does not "grandfather" in networks only in existence.

Sports Business Journal reported there are still talks between
the Cowboys and the NFL as to whether that network will keep

Jerry Jones Jr., the club's vice president of marketing, said the Cowboys support the resolution.

"We are working with Comcast and the NFL to determine how and where to broadcast that content in the future," he said. "Those potential options include designated windows of exclusive Cowboys programming on the NFL Network and full-time access to video on demand options through Comcast."