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  Bill Laurie   St. Louis Blues ESPN

Total Value
$153 million

Education: B.S. Memphis State (1974)
Term of Ownership: Since 1999
Business: Sports Management

Forbes Team Values:
St. Louis Blues: $153 million
Total value: $153 million

When Bill Laurie bought the St. Louis Blues in 1999, it was a logical step for the self-described "sports nut" who played on the basketball team at Memphis State in the 1973 NCAA Championship. UCLA won the game that day, but Laurie has been raking in the wins ever since. The St. Louis Blues have been in every Stanley Cup Playoffs in the last two decades; making the $100 million acquisition price of the franchise and the Savvis Center, seem like a steal. Laurie stopped coaching high school basketball and teaching in 1983 to manage the family's real estate holdings. His wife, Nancy, is the daughter of Wal-Mart co-founder James "Bud" Walton and is an heir to the discount retail giant. Together, they founded Paige Sports Entertainment - named after their only daughter - which manages the Blues, SkinMarket (a California-based cosmetic retailer), and the Savvis Center. A long-time hope has been to add a basketball franchise to the group, but Laurie has been stymied three times in those efforts. He was outbid on the Denver Nuggets in 1999 and the Vancouver Grizzlies in 2000 and negotiations fell through on the Charlotte Hornets in 2001, who decided on New Orleans as their new home.

Other businesses: Paige Sports Entertainment, Savvis Center