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  • "What I personally have a hard time getting past is the level of cruelty in a man to torture a dog -- to kill a dog -- to hang a dog or hold its head under water until it's dead. No one is comparing dogs to humans -- but the things Michael Vick is/was capable of doing were pretty awful. That being said, he served time in a prison. And if someone wants to hire him, he should be back in the league. But you'll never catch me actually rooting for the guy."

    David Lloyd transcript

    Friday, August 14

    David Lloyd
  • Robert Flores

    "I like MMA, but give me WWE. Yes, I know I know there's something wrong with me."

    Robert Flores transcript

    Tuesday, August 11

  • Cindy Brunson

    "I don't think Vick is going to play in the NFL this season. More likely to wind up in the UFL where he can get paid more and can prove he can still play as well."

    Cindy Brunson transcript

    Friday, July 31