Uni Watch: More fun with nicknames

Carson Palmer reaches to pull Ocho Cinco off the back of Chad Johnson prior to kickoff. AP Photo/Al Behrman

Here are some additions to last week's column on uniform nicknames:

• Nicknames on NFL jerseys are exceedingly rare, but reader Mike Traverse came up with another one to add to the historical record: In the 49ers' second game of the 1970 season, running back Doug Cunningham wore "Goober."

• Last week's column didn't have any examples from the world of college football, but reader Sam Kitchens sent in a good one: In 2009, Texas Tech quarterback Taylor Potts wore "Nick" on his back. Why? Because Tech coach Mike Leach wanted him to play like Nick Reid, a former linebacker at Kansas. So this nickname was also a "Nick" name!

• Another one from college football: Georgia Tech wide receiver Demaryius Thomas' nickname was Bay-Bay. He never wore that on his jersey, but he did wear his nickname's first initial.

• Last week's column also left out an additional MLB nickname: When the Mets wore their Mercury Mets uniforms as part of MLB's infamous "futuristic" uni promotion in 1999, the names on the back ran vertically. But pitcher Jason Isringhausen's surname was too long to fit, so he wore "Izzy."

• And here's one we missed from the NBA: Ernie DiGregorio of the old Buffalo Braves (forerunners of today's Los Angeles Clippers) used to wear "Ernie D."

• Several readers said Twins pitcher Paul Thormodsgard wore "Thor" on his jersey in the late 1970s. This claim has come across Uni Watch's radar many times over the years, but visual evidence has been hard to come by. Reader Fred Teigen found an auction listing for "Ocho Cinco" cover-up nameplate, which he once wore during pregame warm-ups (but never in a game). Of course, he later changed his surname to Ochocinco -- without the space -- and wore that, but at that point it no longer qualified as a nickname, because it was his legal surname.

Do you know of still more nicknames we haven't covered? If so, you know what to do.

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