What happens when ESPN8, 'The Ocho' takes over?

Cotton McKnight and Pepper Brooks won't be present, but "The Ocho" is alive and well. 20TH CENTURY FOX/COURTESY EVERETT COLLECTION

On August 8th, ESPN2 once again unveiled "The Ocho," a 24-hour celebration of some of the wackiest and off-the-wall events in sports.

Here was the lineup, top moments, social media shout-outs, and more...

The 2018 lineup

Let the games begin


The best from ESPN's The Ocho

Check out the best moments from ESPN's The Ocho, including Headis, Kadabbi, rock-paper-scissors, juggling dodgeball and kick volleyball.

Top moments


E:60 on The Ocho

Get ready for a day full of fringe sports on The Ocho.


Clutch cornhole shot called by Mayne

Kenny Mayne provides the call on The Ocho for some clutch cornhole action.

Who's in?


"The Ocho" -- An Illustrated Guide

Your guide to understanding some of the weirdest sports on the planet.

"DodgeBall" director: How "The Ocho" became a thing

Rawson Marshall Thurber, director of "DodgeBall: An Underdog Story," talks about the film and the genesis of "The Ocho" joke.

The LeBron James of lightsaber fighting, Alain Bloch is

By day, Alain Bloch is a software engineer. By night, he morphs into a self-appointed Jedi Knight, a lethal plastic sword-wielding star who dominates lightsaber fighting.

The Jedi Master Handbook

The Ocho is taking over ESPN2's airwaves with the Saber Legion World Championships -- here's a complete guide of how to dominate like the very best Jedi Knight master in the galaxy.


"The Ocho"

Watch videos from the ESPN8 "The Ocho" collection on WatchESPN.

Fitz and Golic Jr. present "The Ocho" sport of the day

ESPN's Jason Fitz and Mike Golic Jr. demonstrate some of the weirdest, and best, of "The Ocho" sports.

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