ESPN World Fame 100: The stories around our 2019 list

Do you know the World Fame 100? (3:50)

We quizzed fans around the globe if they could name various athletes who made ESPN's 2019 Fame 100 list. (3:50)

Once again, this year's ESPN World Fame 100 is a ranking of some of the biggest names in sports. Here is everything you need to know about our list, from the usual suspects to those outside the top 100 who still have a compelling story to tell.

ESPN World Fame 100: The complete list

To identify the most famous athletes in the world, ESPN compiled a list of 800 of the biggest names in sports, drawn from 78 countries. The names were ranked based on a formula that took into account three fame factors: Google search scores (how much an athlete spiked on his most-searched day as well as how much he was searched on average), endorsement dollars and social media following.


To be the world's most famous athlete means Cristiano Ronaldo can appear on every screen yet somehow elude the rape allegation against him. READ | Spanish | Portuguese


She's a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a blistering forehand: For all her growing fame, the world's No. 1 remains tough to define -- just the way she likes it. READ


He's adored in the U.K., envied by foes and on brand everywhere. The next step in the unified heavyweight champ's global domination plan? Winning in -- and over -- America. READ


He's baseball's best-known face and now its richest player. He's also a Philadelphia Phillie for life -- and, in this exclusive interview, he says that's just how he wants it. READ

Around the globe: Country-by-country top 10