First and ten questions


1. Of all the quarterbacks either on the market or on the block, who are your top five?

2. Nnamdi Asomugha is by consensus the most coveted free agent. His price is estimated at $20 million. Are you taking Nnamdi or the field?

3. The Broncos reportedly will put Kyle Orton on the block. If they can't trade him, who will win more games for Denver this season, Orton or Tim Tebow?


4. Has the lockout helped or hurt the image of the NFL with fans?

5. Jim Irsay says he wants to make Peyton Manning the top paid player in the NFL. Does Manning deserve it?


6. Which rookie quarterback has the best chance to succeed this season?

7. On a scale 1-10, how much will the lockout hurt the NFL's on-field product?

8. Roger Goodell will discipline players that violated the NFL player conduct policy during the lockout. Do you have a problem with it?


9. Which free-agent receiver are you taking -- Randy Moss or Plaxico Burress?

10. Nick Saban and Les Miles appeared on First Take today. If they faced each other in one game for your life, who do you want for your coach, Saban or Miles?