First and ten questions


1. Tim Tebow was 6-for-7 and threw for 91 yards in the Broncos 24-23 loss to the Cowboys. Based on what you saw last night, should Tebow be the starter?

2. Michael Vick was 4-for-6 and threw for 71 yards and a touchdown in the Eagles 13-6 win over the Ravens. Are you sold that Vick can lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl?


3. Tiger Woods shot his worst first round in a major with a 77. Are you surprised by Tiger Woods opening round on Thursday?

4. Playing without Tom Brady, the Patriots beat the Jaguars 47-12. Is the 47 point outburst a big deal or not a big deal?


5. Kevin Kolb was 4-for-7 and threw for 68 yards, but failed to lead the Cardinals on a scoring drive in his team's 24-18 win over the Raiders. Grade Kolb's performance last night.

6. Rob Ryan made his Cowboys debut last night as the defensive coordinator in the Cowboys 24-23 win over the Broncos. Does Rob Ryan make the Cowboys a Super Bowl contender?


7. Facebook will decide what topic we will debate and here are the choices:

• How many games will Tim Tebow win this year?

• Did Chad Ochocinco learn more by not playing last night?

• Are the New York Giants in "Giant trouble?"