Social Auto-Sharing FAQ

Q. What's the deal with this 'Social Sharing' box I see on articles and videos? What's it do? A. You can now automatically share with your friends everything you're reading and watching on ESPN -- no more extra clicks or updates to inform your friends of the latest news, hottest stories, and information about your favorite sports, teams, and players. Let them see what you're doing, have all your friends do the same and consider yourselves the most informed sports fans around.

Q. What if I don't want to share everything I'm doing? My boss will see I'm on ESPN way too much, and as a Giants fan I don't want to give my Jets' friends the satisfaction that I'm drawn to Rex Ryan like a moth to a flame.

A. You're in total control -- turn sharing on, turn it off, toggle it in between articles, set it up to see an alert when something's been shared, delete what you've shared, get rid of the option altogether -- whatever you want.

Q. What's the difference between 'My Activity' and the 'Recent Activity' box further down the page? What am I seeing in each?

A. The 'My Activity' list in the Social Sharing box contains all the latest articles and videos you've read or watched on ESPN.com, there for easy access. Didn't get a chance to finish Bill Simmons' last treatise? Want to go back and reread Rick Reilly's last article? No need to hunt them down, just check out your My Activity list.

The 'Recent Activity' box shows you everything your friends have been reading and watching on ESPN.com. Check out cool stuff you might have missed and get in on the conversation! Don't be left out in the dark! Make sure you're reading what everyone else is reading!

Q. Do I need to have an ESPN account to auto-share?

A. No, though if you're reading this, you should click here. An ESPN account allows you to personalize your ESPN.com experience, giving you instant access to all the news and information which matters to you most, and allows you to quickly share that info with your friends. Play fantasy games, chat with other fans, rack up points in our arcade section, and check into the sporting events you attend all with your ESPN account.

Q. Why is it sharing all these video clips? I never watch video.

A. We're only sharing the videos you've told us you're watching by hitting the play button. But for more granular control, mess around with the autoplay setting in our video player, and that should do the trick.

Q. I accidentally removed the auto-sharing box and can't seem to get it back. Help!

A. You can get the box back by heading over to Personalization Corner and toggling it back on. But if you aren't a registered user (shame on you), just clear your cookies and it'll come back.

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