Body blurbs: Anna Tunnicliffe

After four years and countless Body Issue photo shoots, The Mag's fearless senior deputy photo editor, Nancy Weisman, has seen it all. But for all of the skin bared in the issue, there are a few things you didn't get to see. Nancy shares the inside scoop:

Yet another marvelous day at sea ... or so I'd hoped. Just in case: I brought with me $85 worth of nausea meds -- seasickness wristbands, pills, you name it. I was fully prepared to keep the crew and myself functional. I met Anna at the Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Club, and she and her husband took me on a Zodiac over to the 60-ft. powerboat we secured for the photographer, Steven Lippman, and crew. As we sailed across the water, Anna said, "nice to get away from your cubicle, huh?" Indeed it is.

When we headed out to the open seas, the sun was fighting through the clouds and the swells were HUGE. All the equipment came crashing down as we bounced and rocked and swayed -- and prayed! Leslie, the make-up artist, and I sat on the stern, seasick wristbands on, Dramamine popped, staring at the horizon in order to prevent losing our cookies.

Anna, now on her radial sailboat, removed all her clothes on her boat and then came zipping past the stern of our boat where Steven was leaning over and shooting. Anna was going so fast and came so close that I thought for sure with these crazy conditions she would crash right into us. Every time I expected to hear a thud. Steven would then show me the shots on the back of his camera. Looking at them only made me more nauseous. Before I knew it I was hanging over the edge of the boat feeding the fish my morning pumpernickel bagel. Anna was incredible, and Steven, bless him, nailed those shots in incredible fashion. But I was very much looking forward to getting back to my cubicle!


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