Body blurbs: Rob Gronkowski

After four years and countless Body Issue photo shoots, The Mag's fearless senior deputy photo editor, Nancy Weisman, has seen it all. But for all of the skin bared in the issue, there are a few things you didn't get to see. Nancy shares the inside scoop:

First and foremost, we wanted these pictures to reflect Gronk's personality: amusing, uninhibited, unpredictable. Fortunately, he was totally game, and the petite Peggy Sirota, with her wit and appreciation for fun, made her the perfect photographer for the job. Gronk arrived at the studio with one of his brothers, Gordy, and a few of us chatted and joked with Rob as he winced and wiggled his way through his pedicure. It would be the most difficult part of the day for him. Once Gronk was fully groomed, he appeared before us hands overhead, dancing, with neither a stitch of clothing nor a fraction of modesty. Understandably. His body is perfection. He stepped on set with Peggy and her crew, taking direction and having a blast. Peggy and I would periodically glance at each other and smile knowing that this was an extraordinary experience with an incredibly immodest subject. He made the shoot great by trusting in us and simply by being himself.


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