Cadel Evans captures the No. 1 spot

Ever try riding your bike 2,132 miles over 22 days with only two days of rest? Cadel Evans has. And we imagine it's really, really hard. His long-awaited Tour de France victory lands him the No. 1 spot on this week's Cross-Sport Power Rankings. Evans is not only the first Australian to win the 21-stage event -- he's the oldest winner since World War II.

Speaking of elder sportsmen, our panel couldn't help but recognize Russ Cochran and his Senior British Open win. With his 25-year-old son carrying his bag, Cochran sank six birdies in the first 10 holes. Is Tiger Woods' son old enough to caddie? Just a thought.

Among the rest of this week's top ten is a Copa America standout, a WNBA sharpshooter and a few major leaguers who can't seem to miss the ball. Was our panel right this week, or do they need to check their DVRs and box scores? Take a look at the list below and make your voice heard in our comments section.

Our all-star panel: John Buccigross, Robert Flores, DJ Gallo, Dana Jacobson, Jim Basquil, Kevin Connors, Will Selva, Jeff MacGregor and Trey Wingo.

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