Eli Manning tops Wilfork for No. 1

Editor's note: Each week, our Cross-Sport Power Rankings panel compares performances from every corner of the sports landscape and ranks the 10 most impressive, buzz-worthy individuals. Keep in mind that this is not a cumulative ranking and our week is defined from Tuesday to Monday.

Eli Manning spent a lot of time on the ground in Sunday's NFC Championship Game, but he stands alone on top of this week's Cross-Sport Power Ranking. Despite being hit 20 times, including six sacks, Manning finished the game with 316 yards, two touchdowns and one big ticket to Super Bowl XLVI. Other Giants to make this week's list include favorite Manning target Victor Cruz and never-used Manning target Devin Thomas, the special-teams player behind both crucial fumble recoveries.

But if the Giants want to leave Indy with a Super Bowl win, they'll have to go through Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork, who threw every bit of his 325-pound body into New England's narrow win over Baltimore and takes the two-spot on this week's ranking.

Did another Patriots player deserve more love? Is Florida State upset specialist Michael Snaer ranked too high? Are we forgetting someone altogether? Check out to the full ranking below and let us know what you think by making your own Cross-Sport Power Rankings HERE.

2012 Cross-Sport Power Rankings panel: Sara Walsh, John Buccigross, Robert Flores, Michael Smith, Bram Weinstein, Mike Hill, Jorge Andres, Charissa Thompson, DJ Gallo, Jim Basquil, Kevin Connors, Will Selva, Jeff MacGregor and Steve Weissman.

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