Mark Cuban to appear in 'Sharknado 3' ... as the president of the U.S.

Just like a real-life sharknado -- they're real weather events, right? -- Syfy's so-bad-it's-good (?) "Sharknado" movie series can't be stopped.

No. 3 is next, and per The Hollywood Reporter and The Dallas Morning News, a rather influential sports figure will play a major role in the D.C.-set three-quel: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, as the president of the United States.

"They asked if I wanted to play the part," Cuban told Robert Wilonsky of The Morning News. "I have been a fan of the movies. It was an easy decision."

This is a cheeky bit of casting, as Cuban's run-ins with then-NBA commissioner David Stern got him the reputation as an authority-challenger. Plus ... Mark Cuban ... "Sharknado" ... "Shark Tank" (on which he is a panelist) ... get it?

We shouldn't be surprised by Cuban's involvement, though; the man has a long-running relationship with the entertainment industry. He appeared in a couple of virtually unknown films in the 1990s, before he became a billionaire. Since, he has continued to make television series cameos (mainly as himself), most notably in "Entourage."

Behind the camera, Cuban co-owns Magnolia Pictures, a production company that has had its hand in producing and/or distributing a number of well-known documentaries ("Jiro Dreams of Sushi," "Blackfish," "Food, Inc.") and high-quality independent and foreign-language features ("Let the Right One In," "Trollhunter," "World's Greatest Dad," "The Last Circus"). Cuban also has served as executive producer on some noteworthy releases, particularly 2005 best picture nominee "Good Night, and Good Luck."

Cuban is far from the only nontraditional actor appearing in "Sharknado 3." According to THR, talk show host extraordinaire Jerry Springer, *NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick and wrestler Chris Jericho also are set to be seen in the Tara Reid vehicle that debuts in July. Bo Derek, of "10" fame, also has a role.

And then there's the person playing Cuban's vice president: controversial political pundit Ann Coulter.

Instead of adding further comment, we'll just show this scene from "Sharknado 2," in which the eponymous storm destroys a Mets game:

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