Hey Mama, five of our favorite examples of athletes giving back to their moms

Look Ma, I made it! How many of us would love to be able to spoil our moms on Mothers' Day (or any other day, for that matter)? To be able to make a gesture so grand that all those times we didn't properly show our gratitude (you know what we're talking about) seems unimportant, or at least less important. Well, these guys did just that. Here's how some big-name athletes said "thank you" to their No. 1 ladies.

Kevin Durant

When Durant won the NBA MVP award last year, he seized the opportunity to give props to his mom in a heartfelt speech. While the Internet had way too much fun creating memes, the sentiment of his most memorable line,"You're the real MVP" wasn't lost. Cheers to you, KD. Cheers to moms everywhere.

Teddy Bridgewater

The young Minnesota Vikings QB made a promise to his mom, a breast cancer survivor, long before he made it big. He told her he would see to it that she got a pink Escalade when he reached the pros. Well, he delivered on that glorious pink promise. Well done, Teddy.

J.J. Watt

When this defensive beast signed his new contract, he made serious bank. So much so that he had to Google "What do rich people buy?" -- seriously, he did that -- to determine how to go about spending his newfound funds. Apparently the answer was "Buy Mom a sweet ride."

Eddie Lacy

This NFL star's parents were uprooted by Hurricane Katrina. So Lacy jumped at the opportunity to buy them a new home. Despite his constant urging to let him help (his parents were forced to relocate into a cramped mobile home once their house was destroyed), his mom insisted he wait until he signed a second contract.

Lacy's mom showcased the ultimate gift moms give their children -- unconditional love -- with these pre- and postgame texts to her son. His team might have faced a tough loss, but his mom had his back. Crawfish on deck? Mom knows best.

Kam Chancellor

Chancellor grew up in a tough Norfolk, Virginia, neighborhood, and his mom worked multiple jobs to support him and his siblings as a single parent. The Seattle Seahawk delivered his mom the ultimate gift when he surprised her with a new home (and a new car). He pretended to be locked out of the car, then led her inside where all of her loved ones were hiding for the grand reveal.