Watch Adrian Peterson, Richard Sherman and other Pro Bowlers try (and fail) at this Hawaiian dance

NFL players think they can dance, using the moments following touchdowns, sacks or other big plays as their personal stages.

But they haven't met a dance like the one they encountered in Hawaii during the Pro Bowl.

And judging by video one Facebook user uploaded from an event at Kahoka High in Hawaii, Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, Cardinals CB Justin Bethel and Vikings RB Adrian Peterson look more like unproven rookies than stars.

Sherman may have fluid hips at corner, but he was easily shown up by the ladies. And exactly what was Bethel trying to do? Adrian Peterson appeared to handle himself quite well, but no one put on a show like the lineman at the 31-second mark.

NFL players think they can dance -- until they really have to dance. Then it's a whole 'nother ball game. Stick to your day jobs, guys.