Which Is Your Favorite?

A "Different Kind of Truth" will be the 12th studio album of original material from Van Halen, dating back to the band's self-titled debut in 1978, and the seventh offering with original lead singer David Lee Roth. The seminal "1984" album was the last time Roth was out front with Van Halen, so anticipation for "Truth" has reached fever pitch. Check out the video for the first single, "Tattoo," for a taste of Van Halen in 2012.

Where "Truth" ends up in the discussion of Van Halen's best albums with Roth is for debate down the road. For now, we're asking you to rank the six Van Halen albums featuring Roth's unmistakable sound.

After you click the link below, click on the album covers to set your rankings and join the conversation about which David Lee Roth Van Halen album is the best and why.
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