Eternal hope, angst of a Cardinals fan

Editor's note: The members of the rock band Jimmy Eat World are big sports fans who also take part in a number of athletic activities. Here is the first of occasional blog entries from drummer Zach Lind.

As someone who was born and bred in Arizona and still calls Arizona home, I am intensely loyal to my Arizona sports teams. The team for which I exert the majority of my blood, sweat and tears is the Arizona Cardinals. If there is one word to describe what it has been like to be a Cardinals fan for the past 20 years or so, it would be "roller coaster." (Wait, that's two words. Oh, well.)

Although the past few seasons have been really exciting for Cards fans, the majority of our time is spent in a miserable state of nauseous disappointment laced with flashbacks of Denny "They are who we thought they were" Green and Buddy "You've got a winner in town" Ryan.

Now that Kurt Warner has left the Cardinals' sideline to spend his time looking ridiculous in sequined tights in front of millions of people on a weekly basis, we fear that the prospect of returning as NFC West champions is a long shot at best. Now that we know Matt Leinart is who we thought he was, we're stuck with Derek Anderson, who, after three games, doesn't look much better than Leinart.

Fortunately for Cards fans, the season is still young. We are 2-1, but that doesn't mean we all aren't secretly fearing the worst. While coach Ken Whisenhunt still has the benefit of our doubts, it's hard not to get flashbacks of a half-empty stadium and TV blackouts. For now we have to put that out of our minds and root on the Cards with full hearts. It's not time to hit the eject button quite yet, but if that time ever comes, we have plenty of Leinart jerseys lying around to stitch together into one hell of a parachute.

Zach Lind of Jimmy Eat World (Facebook | MySpace | Twitter) will be writing periodic blog entries for ESPN.com's Music in The Life. Jimmy Eat World -- which includes lead vocalist and guitarist Jim Adkins, guitarist Tom Linton and bassist Rick Burch -- is currently touring in support of its new album, "Invented" (iTunes | Amazon).