Are you up for Snoop's challenge?

Tha Dogg has always been about sports -- from coaching tha football team at Snoop Youth Football League to basketball with the All-Star Game and my championship at the Snoop adiHoop Celebrity Game!

My people at tha L.A. Lakers be holding it down, shout out to Matt Barnes reppin the adiPures.

But now that it's March, let tha college b-ball games begin. Game recognize game, so tha boss will be breakin' down tha players and tha teams during March Madness, ya digg!

Now I got love for my USC Trojans, so they better step it up this weekend at tha Pac-10 tournament. But there are some other teams out there 'bout to run for that championship.

I gotta rep for my Georgetown neffs -- tha Hoyas are looking to make a run for the 'ship this year. If my man Chris Wright can get that broken hand straight, don't sleep on tha Hoyas in the Big Dance!

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Rap star Snoop Dogg will provide weekly blogs on ESPN.com's Music in The Life during the 2011 NCAA tournament.