Bracket busted, but the show goes on

Looks like my bracket got pretty busted! What up wit Pitt, Notre Dame and Louisville losing in tha first weekend?!

They must have their eyez closed. Even though I'm on tha road touring for my new album, Tha Dogg is still keepin' up wit tha games -- I still got two teams left in the Final Four.

The homie Jared Sullinger from Ohio State is lookin' like a beast, and they look like they can't be stopped.

Kansas lookin' strong wit them twins, but I am feelin' some upsets comin'.

UNC's got tha young guyz ready to go, and UConn and Butler might just beat up on some teams!

Big ups to Richmond, Va., for holdin' it down with two Sweet 16 teams.

Who do ya think is gonna take the crown?

Before ya get ready to watch tha next round of games make sure you get my new album Doggumentary, droppin' Tuesday 3/29. For all you VIP playas preorder tha album on iTunes … NUDOKNOWTHAT!!

Rap star Snoop Dogg will provide weekly blogs on ESPN.com's Music in The Life during the 2011 NCAA tournament.