Big ups to VCU Rams

Some crazy ishh went down this weekend, bustin' up brackets all over the place.

Big ups to VCU, them dudes killin' it right now!

With my brother Nate Dogg's memorial on Saturday, I didn't see tha games. But I heard they were close.

I've got no more Final Four teams, but I am still reppin' the hoops til the end. I'm thinkin' VCU and UConn, what ya think?

Shout out to ESPN for holdin' it down and bumpin' my new album on SportsCenter this week.

You can cop the new disc "Doggumentary"
now, so pick it up on iTunes and get ready for the big games this weekend, uhearme!

Thanks for supportin' the boss and college hoops!

Rap star Snoop Dogg provided weekly blogs on ESPN.com's Music in The Life during the 2011 NCAA tournament.