AIC charity league rookies take charge

Fantasy football rookies Sean Kinney and William DuVall are schooling their veteran opponents in the Alice in Chains & Friends Charity League by storming to the top of the standings with identical 3-1 records.

The Alice in Chains drummer (Kinney) and singer (DuVall) have earned significant bragging rights over fantasy football veterans and bandmates Jerry Cantrell and Mike Inez, whose teams are 2-2.

Kinney's Team Nosering clobbered Inez's Your Real Dad Al Davis 148-94 last week, which led to this message board post that Kinney directed toward the bassist (click on the link to view the image that was included):

Student becomes teacher
Oct 4, 3:22 p.m.
Sean Kinney
Team Nosering

Four games into my inaugural fantasy season is a bit early to brag, but Mike had it coming, and calling Team Nosering a maggot in a text message is just asking for it.

Jerry & Mike have been bugging me for years to participate in fantasy football.
Be careful what you wish for …

Re: Student becomes teacher
Oct 5, 3:55 p.m.
Jerry Cantrell
Aroma Of Tacoma

Sweet Meat Inez.

And who should Team Nosering face this week but league organizer and Alice in Chains guitarist Cantrell's Aroma of Tacoma, prompting this confident post:

Brace yourself
Oct 4, 3:02 p.m.
Sean Kinney
Team Nosering

Can the Team Nosering steamroller clench the stench and roll over The Aroma Of Tacoma this week?

As the photo shows, Jerry's already dressed for his own funeral, so I'm just going to saddle up Arian Foster again and see where he takes me …

Cantrell didn't lack any confidence after beating Duff McKagan's Team McKagan 109-98 in Week 4 and he warned his drummer about what to expect this week:

Yes He Can
Oct 4, 12:54 a.m.
Jerry Cantrell
Aroma Of Tacoma

If Chuck Sheen can do it, so can I. I was sweating that one having Beanie Wells sitting on my bench with 31 points. 2-2, baby, back to .500. I once accidentally yanked an earring out of Sean's gourd while shooting "The Nona Tapes." I almost broke my neck on the same maneuver just after I pulled him into the car. This week's challenge is to grab ahold of the ring in his nose and take him to the ground all the while avoiding the horns.

Blondie vs. The Nose … sounds like a new wave gangster flick.

Tied with Team Nosering and Team DuVall at 3-1 are three-year AIC&FFFCL veteran Vinnie Paul's The Brickwall Paul, who lost 106-82 to actor Jay Ferguson's Dallas' Best last week.

Tuff break!!!
Oct 4, 11:06 p.m.
Vinnie Paul
The Brickwall Paul

No one goes undefeated and my team just didn't perform this week, including my bench!!! Tuff break, but The Brickwall will bounce back this week unlike my Cowboys who blew it last week and have a bye week to think about it and then the Patriots in New England!! Now that's a tough road to hoe!!!!!

Each participant will put one valuable item up for auction by the end of the season. The league champion will get to designate which charity receives the net proceeds of the auction. More details on the auction will be announced in the coming weeks.

Weekly updates on the Alice in Chains & Friends Fantasy Football Charity League, trash talk and interviews with the owners will be published in ESPN.com's The Life and Music sections throughout the season. Members of the league also will drop by for occasional chats on SportsNation.

Here is a look at Week 5's matchups and last week's results:

Alice in Chains & Friends Fantasy Football Charity League overall standings

  • William DuVall
    Place of birth: Washington, D.C. Age: 44 Fantasy football experience: Rookie Favorite team: 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers

    Personal: Joined Alice in Chains as its full-time lead singer in 2007, contributing to its 2009 comeback album, "Black Gives Way To Blue." DuVall previously had been in Comes With The Fall and recently produced MonstrO's debut album.

  • Jerry Cantrell

    Place of birth: Tacoma, Wash. Age: 45 Fantasy football experience: 7 years Favorite team: Seattle Seahawks/Pittsburgh Steelers

    Personal: Lead guitarist Cantrell's legacy with Alice in Chains includes 35 million albums sold worldwide, 21 Top 40 singles and eight Grammy nominations.

  • Randy Wolf

    Place of birth: Age: 35

    Personal: Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher who has also played for the Phillies, Dodgers, Padres and Astros.

  • Vinnie Paul

    Place of birth: Abilene, Texas Age: 47 Fantasy football experience: 12 years Favorite team: Dallas Cowboys

    Personal: Paul, who formed Pantera with his late brother Dimebag Darrell, plays drums for Hellyeah the way Ray Lewis hits people. In other words, hard.

  • Chris DeGarmo
    Place of birth: Wenatchee, Wash. Age: 48

    Personal: DeGarmo is a co-founder of heavy metal band Queensryche, for whom he was lead guitarist. He is now a professional pilot.

  • Ann Wilson

    Place of birth: San DiegoAge: 61 Fantasy football experience:: Rookie Favorite team: New Orleans Saints

    Personal: Lead singer of Heart, the pioneering female hard rock band that has sold more than 30 million records.

  • Sean Kinney
    Place of birth: Renton, Wash. Age: 45 Fantasy football experience: Rookie Favorite team: Seattle Seahawks

    Personal: Kinney, who has been playing drums since he was 5, has been the only drummer for Alice in Chains and he has also played with the likes of Johnny Cash, Krist Novoselic and Kim Kim Thayil.

  • Duff McKagan
    Place of birth: Seattle Age: 47 Fantasy football experience: 2 years Favorite team: Seattle Seahawks

    Personal: Before playing bass for Velvet Revolver, McKagan spent 13 years with Guns N' Roses. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Loaded. McKagan began writing a sports column for ESPN Music in 2011.

  • Mike Inez
    Place of birth: San Fernando, Calif. Age: 45 Fantasy football experience: 8 years Favorite team: Oakland Raiders

    Personal: Before playing bass guitar for Alice in Chains, Inez was rocking arenas with Ozzy Osbourne.

  • Jay Ferguson
    Place of birth: Dallas Age: 37 Fantasy football experience: 6 years Favorite team: Dallas Cowboys

    Personal: Ferguson portrays Stan Rizzo on AMC's "Mad Men," and his other TV credits include "Burn Notice," "Judging Amy" and "Evening Shade."