Get in tune with Tim Tebow

Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow says he's a big country music fan, but his musical tastes aren't limited to that genre.

Here are the top five artists he said he listens to on his iPod:

  • Richie McDonald

  • Kenny Chesney

  • Frank Sinatra

  • Chris Daughtry

  • Eric Church

  • Tebow said he likes songs that are motivating but he likes his music slower when he's getting ready to play a game.

    "Actually, before a game, [I like] kind of soft music," Tebow said. "Sometimes before a workout, it will be a little bit harder. Before games I get too hyped, I get overhyped, that's kind of my problem, so I've got to calm myself down. And I usually listen to slow jams or something that is not too upbeat."