Anti-LeBron efforts spring up on web

Not sure if you've noticed, but LeBron James no longer has universal love in Cleveland, Ohio.

And with the King descending upon his old kingdom Thursday night for the first time since taking his talents to South Beach this summer, Cleveland fans are using social media to get the word out and unite in some rallying chants inside Quicken Loans Arena.

The Twitter account Cavs Chants and its subsequent website have concocted an official chant sheet for the matchup along with another anti-LeBron Twitter account -- Laugh at LeBron.

Yes, the latter account has suggested that instead of booing when James is introduced throughout the game, Cleveland fans should instead laugh at him.

A few other instructions from the chant sheet: "Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line 9in the first quarter), the chant is: 'NO-Ring-King'"; "Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line [in the third quarter], the chant is: 'Traiiii-tor Traiiii-tor' (no claps, derisive singing)."

But hey, it's not all negative for the Heat. The chant sheet instructs that when Zydrunas Ilgauskas -- a longtime fan favorite in Cleveland and former Cav who decided to join the Heat in free agency along with James this summer -- is introduced, "we'd encourage cheering."

How nice.

Beyond the short-term of Thursday night's matchup, there's also another anti-LeBron web campaign getting some attention this week: Keep LeBron Out.

As in, keep the two-time reigning MVP out of the All-Star Game in February in Los Angeles.

The suggestion is the more you vote for other Eastern Conference forwards -- online voting for the All-Star Game is unlimited -- the less likely James is to make the squad.

Whether this campaign -- or even the chants -- are a success remain to be seen. (The All-Star Game denial would seem to be a bit far-fetched.)

But with social media allowing people to easily reach influencers in a direct fashion, attention for such agendas is relatively easy to come by.

The lonely kicker

The life of a football kicker is often a thankless job. Come in and hit a field goal, and you've done what's expected of you.

Come in and miss, and you're the guy not getting the job done.

And then there's the case of Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman. Brotzman missed a 26-yard field goal with 2 seconds left that would have won the Broncos the game against Nevada on Saturday.

He then missed a 29-yarder in overtime that could have also won his team the game.

Nevada went on to win, and Boise State's shot at a BCS bid likely went along with it.

Such disappointment is tough for even the strongest of minds to recover from.

So that's why it was nice to see Boise State fans set up a Facebook page entitled "The Bronco Nation Loves Kyle Brotzman" -- one that features more than 35,000 likes and countless messages of support for the team and Brotzman.

When detractors speak of all the negative social media has wrought, this is a reminder that the ability of people to unite quickly around one cause on the web can be a powerful, positive thing.

Ryan Corazza is a freelance writer and web designer based in Chicago who also contributes to ESPN Insider's NBA Rumor Central.