Get in tune with Ryan Howard

Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard recently spoke with ESPN.com about his musical tastes and the impact of music on the slugger's work.

ESPN.com: Ryan, dig into the iPod, what are your top five songs and artists?

Howard: Right now with the top five in my iPod have to go with the Jay-Z, the DOA ... I also have to go with this new one it's called Young Problemz, it's called "Boi."

ESPN.com: I don't know this one, can you sing it?

Howard: It's from the Dirty South. I can't really do it. It's just ... you gotta hear it.

ESPN.com: At-bat music, how much thought do you put into it?

Howard: For me, it's more about a lot of the beat when you go up there because it's something that's going to instantly get you locked in, gets you hyped up, feeling good when you walk up to the plate.

ESPN.com: What song do you think gets people in the crowd most hyped up?

Howard: Right now? ... Right now we've got some stuff taking place off-scene over here, my compadre young Jimmy Rollins off-camera over here trying to say that I got all of his music gets it going. But he's got some pretty good music that he comes up to. He's got a nice little diversified array of music.

ESPN.com: First concert you ever went to, think way back.

Howard: Oh, man, that's easy. First concert I ever went to was Busta Rhymes-Bone Thugs-n-Harmony concert. That was back in the day. That was a nice little concert full of energy right there.

ESPN.com: Take your pick, Keri Hilson or Rihanna?

Howard: I'm gonna go Keri Hilson.

ESPN.com: Kanye [West] or Lil Wayne?

Howard: I may have to go with Wayne right now just because anything that he touches is automatic fire right now.

ESPN.com: "American Idol," if you're on the show what song would get you to Hollywood?

Howard: I would have to probably go with Prince, "(When) Doves Cry" (laughs).

ESPN.com: Awesome. Ryan, thank you so much.

Howard: All right, no problem.