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ESPN Arcade Trophies

First things first
In order to claim your trophy you must be a registered member of ESPN.com. If you're not a member yet do it now. It's free, quick and easy. Click here to get your free registration.

How to win trophies
Trophy games (games you can win trophies in) have a score you need to get in order to win from one to five trophies. Don't expect to show up, play a new game, and win a trophy. You need to work for them! At the top right of each game's page you'll find a breakdown of the scores you need to beat to win trophies. Games are also rated "Easy", "Medium" or "Hard" so you may want to start with an "Easy" game to bag your first trophy. Also, be sure to hit the "Quit" or "Submit" button after you complete each game so your scores/trophies get recorded. Don't give up! It's not easy, but nothing worth having ever is.

Can you win them all?
Earn a superior score in a game and win trophies! There are trophies for many ESPN Arcade games, to view them all click here.

Overall trophy leaders

The overall trophy leader ranking is a great way to show off your skills and measure up against the best gamers on ESPN Arcade. Overall trophy rankings are calculated by adding the number of trophies you've won for all trophy games. For the overall standings we record the highest number of trophies you win in a single game. The maximum trophies possible per trophy game is five. Your overall trophy ranking is also the same number as you see under "My Trophies". To see your personal overall trophy ranking click here (if you're not seeing your trophies click here and we'll make sure you're signed in). To check out your competition view the top 100 ESPN Arcade Trophy Leaders, click here.

Game trophy leaders
Game trophy leader rankings are a little different than overall trophy rankings. Game trophy leaders rankings are determined by adding all trophies a player wins in every game played regardless of how many trophies are won per game. For game trophy leaders rankings every time you play a game and win a trophy it counts. So get out there and bring home the hardware!