Darrelle RevisRich Kane/Icon SMIRevis can shutdown anyone in "Madden," even if he doesn't like to play as the Jets.

If you hear a bunch of hollering and screaming coming from Darrelle Revis' house, don't panic, it's just the Jets corner and his friends playing video games. "We're really competitive," Revis explains, "and all the yelling is just part of it because we want to win so bad. All that noise is just part of our competitive nature."

And while Revis cites games like "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" and "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10" among his current favorites, he still finds himself going back to a gaming franchise he grew up playing, "Madden."

"All I know is that when you throw the ball to my side of the field in the game, it's getting defended really well," Revis says with a laugh when I ask if his character is the best shutdown corner in the series. "I actually don't even play as the Jets. I branch out and try other teams, other players like Charles Woodson, because I'm a fan of football."

And while most players beg EA Sports to add more muscles to their characters, Revis actually wants the opposite. "They need to make me thinner," he says. "Take some of that weight off so I can run fast. I'm a corner, I need to be quick."

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