'Madden 11' Strategy: NFC North

September, 2, 2010
By Prima Games
Madden NFL 11EA SportsWant to know why people play as the Vikings? You're looking at him.

If you're having a hard time putting "Madden NFL 11" down like millions of other gamers across the country, but still need advice on how to run your favorite teams, Prima Games is here to help. We've already broken down the top plays from the NFC West and NFC East, and we're here today to offer our help with the NFC North (including two of the more popular teams in the game this year, the Packers and Vikings).

Remember, "Madden", just like real life, is all about executing your playbook. And these are the plays that could help put you over the edge.

Chicago Bears

Madden NFL 11EA Sports

Gun Snugs Flip, WR Stick Nod: This is a new play that was added to the Bears playbook this season. You have a three-way mesh to the right and a two-way mesh to the left. When you read the right, you should read the flat, slant, and then the fade curl. On the left you would read the flat and then the zig route. The flat will clear out for the zig. This is a nice man- or zone-beating play. Also be aware that the flats provide an excellent hot read.

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