Dwight HowardScott A. Miller/US PresswireLook for Dwight Howard to have a perfect dunk rating when "NBA Jam" ships for the 360 and PS3.

Dwight Howard is the single most dominant shot blocker in the history of video games. Don't believe me? Try EA Sports' "NBA Jam" revival on the Wii, take the ball into the paint and see what happens. Go soft against "Superman" and he might bat it back in your face so hard it's a wonder the ball doesn't pop.

And while the real Howard appreciates his swatting skills in the new game, he's almost too distracted by one of his other ratings to even crack a smile.

"They gave me an eight for dunking (out of ten) ... an eight! They did me kind of dirty on that," Howard says in disgust when I get him on the phone to talk about the new game. "I won the dunk championship and I get an eight? I like the way they have me blocking shots, but they have me so slow in the game the way I run up court (three out of ten for speed), and I can't believe the dunks."

Turns out, Howard has been voicing his complaints rather loudly to EA since he found out about the number, and EA has promised to increase his dunk rating when the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of "Jam" hit stores November 16. "I'll see if they keep their promise," Howard says, "but they told me they were going to switch it up."

An EA Sports representative then confirmed that Howard's dunk rating will be increased to ten.

Looks like when Dwight Howard talks, EA listens.

It's the least they can do for their former "NBA Live" cover star.

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