NBA Live 09 Impact Meter: Elton Brand to the Sixers

What does Andre Iguodala think of the 76ers acquisition of Elton Brand? "We're gunning for a title," he told ESPN Video Games. "Elton Brand is a guy who is going to give us our low post presence. We're a fast-paced team, and the scouting report on us is to try to slow us down and get us in a half-court set. Now we have Elton in there and we're going to be feeding him the ball. So now we're either going to burn you running or we're going to have Elton to beat you inside."

Unfortunately for AI and the Sixers, NBA Live 09 doesn't see Elton beating people on the inside, the Sixers running well, or the team gunning for the playoffs, let alone the title.

In fact, according to the NBA Live 09 simulation, the Sixers, who brought a running style to the East and feature a young and talented cast that is now headlined by Brand, will not find the team chemistry they hoped to have bought when they acquired the All-Star forward in free agency. Quite the opposite, actually, as adding Brand to the team ruined the chemistry to the point where the 76ers actually finish three games worse than last season and miss the playoffs entirely.

Funny thing is, according to the stats, Brand does end up leading the Sixers in scoring (20.9) and rebounds (8.3), but it's the rest of his team that seems to fall apart now that the big man is around as the new lineup scores 92.4 ppg (a drop of four points per game) while giving up 96.1 to the opposition (not an equation for success).

Looks like another case of a team not being able to live up to its new expectations.