NBA Live 09 Impact Meter: Baron Davis to the Clippers

Is Baron Davis worth the five-year, $65 million deal the Clippers awarded him? Here's a player who helped turn an entire franchise around and brought the excitement level in Oakland back to the heights of the old Run TMC days. Here's a player who brings energy and clutch, proven playoff performances. Here's a player who is one more knee injury away from cashing $65 million worth of checks while watching five years of games from the sidelines.

What we're saying is the answer is yes if Baron stays healthy and motivated, but if he doesn't, then the Clippers just acted like, well, the Clippers.

Then again, if the Clips were able to team Baron with someone like, say, Elton Brand, there might be a lot more buzz about this team right now, but in the tough West, Baron without Brand might just mean another Clipper team left out in the cold.

But NBA Live 09 sees something completely different. According to the video game, the Clippers don't need Brand at all. Baron is their new leader and that new leader takes them back to the postseason, scoring the number seven seed out West while finishing with a better record than the Suns, Jazz, Blazers, and of course, Baron's old team in Golden State.

The Clippers lose in the first round of the playoffs in six games to league MVP Yao Ming and the Houston Rockets, but the team sees a dramatic 24-win improvement over last season with Baron running the point.