NBA Live 09 Impact Meter: Healthy Greg Oden on the Blazers

Adding Greg Oden to the mix of young talent in Portland should spell the beginning of champagne showers, championship trophies, and a place up on top of the West landscape for years to come, right? Wrong according to NBA Live 09 who actually project the Blazers to finish with a worse record now that they've added Oden to the lineup.

That's right, the Blazers are getting worse according to the game. Eight games in the win column worse to be exact. How can this happen? Well, remember, this is a video game we're talking about and maybe someone over at EA spilt a soda on their 360 while doing the calculations, but according to the simulation, it's a bit early to call the Blazers a powerhouse out West.

On the bright side, Oden does end up leading the team in not only age jokes, but in rebounding and blocks.

Speaking of old jokes, Oden told me which one got to him the most: "Greg, how was World War II?" Credit a fan from Michigan State for shouting that one.