Nintendo releases first Punch-Out!! info

It has been 15 years since Little Mac was last seen taking on the likes of Glass Joe and King Hippo in the ring, but the smallest man to ever knock out Mike Tyson is headed back to the squared-circle in Punch-Out!!, this time on the Nintendo Wii. And that means one thing -- motion-controlled punches.

That's right, this time when Little Mac is fighting in the modern-day re-imagination of the series, when you throw punches, ala Wii Sports Boxing, so does he, and you'll be able to combine your movements with the control stick to swing wild hooks or stick a jab right in your opponent's grill.

Fans of the old controller layout don't need to worry, however, as Nintendo is also adding in the classic controls from the NES version, using the 1 and 2 buttons along with the cross pad to control your fighter's punches and attempts to dodge.

According Nintendo, the game will also feature a special "Star Punch" that enables Little Mac to knock off more health from his opponent using a single blow.

Only thing missing is a face tattoo.

Look for the game to hit stores May 18.