'NBA Live 10': Five things to know

Chris Paul pops a 3 to give the Hornets the lead and as he pumps his fists in celebration, you hear Ric Flair's trademark "Woo!" blare out over the PA system to help hype the crowd.

Play as the Warriors and the Oakland crowd greets sharpshooting Italian Marco Belinelli with chants of "Rocky! Rocky!"

Bring the Magic to the playoffs and you'll even see Dwight Howard bust out the "Superman" dance prior to tipoff.

These are just some of the enhancements made to the overall atmosphere of EA Sports' basketball series for "NBA Live 10," a franchise that has struggled both in sales and in perception as of late, making EA the underdog in its roundball rivalry with 2K Sports and its award-winning "NBA 2K" series. But don't just think all of "Live's" changes are simply a series of woos, chants and Soulja Boy dance steps as EA also promises some amazing strides forward in terms of game play, introducing new elements like the size-up dribble.

Is this the year "Live" finally transforms from Kwame Brown in a box to the polygonal version of its muscle-flexing cover athlete Howard?

I caught up with Sean O'Brien, the line producer of "NBA Live 10," to find out the direction of the new game as he breaks down the five things we need to know about the upcoming title.

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