'NBA 2K10': Under the Radar

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J.R. Smith | SG | Nuggets

"What improvisation. He turns every dunk into something special."

When J.R. Smith heats up in "NBA 2K10," he's like the second coming of Jordan. Dude pops threes, pumps his fists in the air, then comes right back to throw down a dunk in your face. The Nuggets are my favorite team to play as this year, and Smith is a huge part why. There's something about the way he sinks three-pointers, how they don't even touch the rim and just "swoosh" right through like a laser that draws me to him. He's already won me more than a handful of games at the buzzer, and believe me, when he's hot, he's one of the most elite players on the "2K10" court.

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