'NBA 2K10': Under the Radar

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Mickael Pietrus | SF | Magic

"The vertical game is in full effect. Look out below."

In "NBA 2K10," Jameer Nelson throws Mickael Pietrus more alley-oops per minute than any other combination in the game, helping Pietrus live up to the nickname "Air France" with every virtual slam. Funny, as a Warriors fan, he was one of the most frustrating players in the league to cheer for as he was just so inconsistent. But now that he's on the Magic, he's one of the guys I'm always subbing into my lineup as he can seriously throw it down with the best cyber dunkers of all time (including two of his teammates, Vince Carter and Dwight Howard). Looks like Pietrus is finally is playing up to the "Michael Jordan of France" billing … at least in "NBA 2K10." And for gamers like me, sometimes that's enough.

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