Fans singing New York, N.Y., as TitleTown

New York is a popular TitleTown USA nominee. Below are essayists who say "fuhgedaboutit" to anyone who thinks New York isn't the champ. To view all the submissions click here.

Submitted by Mickey_Charles
It's a cathedral, the mecca of all boyhood dreams, the holy mountain of baseball. For whatever reason, the sports deities looked down from their lofty thrones and spoke: "Let us build a house." They sent one of their sons, half sports god, half mortal, to build this house. His mighty swings and gregarious demeanor endeared him to all and he built the house. His name was Ruth.

... What boy did not dream of wearing the Yankees pinstripes? Only the ones who dreamed of defeating the Bronx Bombers. Their prolific knack of bringing home titles has made them either the most loved team in sports or the most hated.

Before there was "Red Sox Nation" there were the Yankees fans. They stretch from coast to coast and come in all ages. Older fans can recount the antics of the record number of hall of famers inducted in the Yankees uniform. Younger fans enjoy watching the next generation of Hall of Fame candidates make their own history.

The familiar NY overlapped and emblazoned on ball caps and jerseys is easily the most recognizable logo in all of sports. Very few uniforms in sports have remained as constant as the familiar navy blue pinstripes of the New York home apparel. Read full essay

Submitted by Bellz666
Housing the New York Yankees, their 26 world titles and the mystique that goes along with the hallowed halls of Yankee Stadium, the Bronx is with ease Titletown USA.
All the other sports franchises are compared to them and their stunning number of 26.

... We aren't talking about fan bases. We aren't talking about the here and now. We're talking about TitleTown. If you wanna see titles, come to the Bronx; we have enough to go around. Read full essay

Submitted by BuBz_N_ComPanY
Let's start with an evaluation of some of New York's teams ...

  • If you are going to compile a case against New York you best leave baseball out of it.

  • The New York Giants have seven titles, second most in league HISTORY, the latest of which culminated in one of the biggest upsets of all time over the 18-0 Patriots. The Giants also played in the "greatest game of all time" with the Colts. ...

  • With legends Patrick Ewing and Red Holzman in their past, the Knicks were a powerhouse throughout their history. They are also the most valuable franchise in the NBA, fitting to it being located in TitleTown. All this added to their dominance in the early '70s with two NBA championships. ...

  • The Islanders and the Rangers BOTH have four Stanley Cup victories. ...

    Now to address some issues haters are pointing out. For one, "New York is lacking college sports." For me this is no issue at all. They are fun to watch but what it
    comes down to is that college athletics are basically a training ground and a filter for the country to find the best of the best and put them in the pros. Read full essay