With time on their hands, Price brothers take football road trip

Updated: August 26, 2003, 5:59 PM ET

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Had fate not intervened, they would have been pacing the sidelines of Bryant-Denny Stadium with their father this season.

Instead, the world of Aaron and Eric Price is contained within a 34-foot diesel-powered motor home, towing a 1995 Saturn, as they make their way to another football camp or game.

It started as a one-time trip to the Tennessee Titans camp, then blossomed into a tour of 51 college and professional camps in four months.

And that's how last week, the coaching sons of Mike Price found themselves in the parking lot at Arrowhead Stadium before the Cal-Kansas State game.

"There were barbecues going on and people everywhere," Aaron told The Spokesman-Review newspaper. "You know there is other worlds to this that we don't know about."

The world they knew stopped last May, when their father and boss, Mike Price, was fired from Alabama for alleged indiscretions.

"It was a tough time," said Aaron, who along with his brother still resides in Tuscaloosa, Ala. "I wouldn't change the decision (to go to Alabama). But I'd like to change the outcome."

Like their father, Aaron and Eric found themselves out of work.

Knowing it was too late to get back into the game this season, the brothers decided to put all their efforts into making sure they were back in football by next season.

"This is something that you never get to do," Aaron said. "You don't ever get to see people in the season. See how they run their practices. See what they are teaching. We're learning a lot from watching other coaches and seeing what works for them.

"And we're seeing the coaches ... promoting ourselves a little bit," he continued. "Then come December, January we will be pushing hard to get on with somebody we feel we fit with."

Aaron, 33, and Eric, 36, worked at Washington State at various times from the mid '90s through 2002. Aaron also spent time at Missouri Western State and Idaho State. Eric had success with the New York Jets before going to Alabama last spring.

Both said they are optimistic about returning to coaching.

Members of the coaching fraternity have welcomed them into their facilities.

"It has been just awesome," Aaron said. "You wouldn't believe these teams and how the coaches that have closed practices with tight entrances are treating us. They are bending over backwards."

Watching the games unfold from seats, not the sideline, has been rough.

"It was hard at first," Aaron said. "And it was little bit disheartening. To be there Saturday and know we are not going to be back out there this year ... it wasn't easy by any means because this is not exactly where we want to be."

Mike Price is scheduled to join his sons on the road at some point.

He, too, is very interested in getting back into coaching, his son said.

"I think if you see him, it's great, he looks so healthy you wouldn't believe it," Aaron said. "And I think it has been great for him and my mom to be able to spend this time together. They were never able to do that at this time of year and I think both of them are enjoying that."

As for the rest of the road trip, Aaron and Eric went to see former Cougar Lamont Thompson in Cincinnati on Monday. This weekend they will be on the sideline at the Ohio State-Washington game in Columbus, Ohio.

"I will be undercover at that game," Aaron said. "I won't be wearing Cougars on the outside but definitely underneath, I'll be a Cougar."

Keith Gilbertson, the new coach of the Huskies, is a long-time friend of the Prices and Aaron and Eric expect to spend some time with him.

"He is good person and a good friend of the family," Aaron said. "He just wears the wrong colors."

Aaron and Eric are scheduled to make it to South Bend, Ind., in two weeks to watch the Cougars play Notre Dame.

"People have said to us how great it would be to do what we are doing, driving around and watching football," Aaron said. "But to us it's kind of like the consolation prize. ... That's what makes it difficult."

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