Nutt contacts SEC; review expected Tuesday

Updated: October 14, 2003, 8:38 PM ET

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- The Southeastern Conference's top referee said Tuesday that, after reviewing videotapes, he believes an Arkansas receiver committed a holding violation that cost the Razorbacks a touchdown in a 10-3 loss against Auburn.

The league's coordinator of football officials, Bobby Gaston, said he watched tapes of television coverage of the play as well as video shot by Arkansas and Auburn photographers. The multiple views led him to conclude that receiver George Wilson held cornerback Junior Rosegreen while Matt Jones ran 78 yards for a would-be score.

"The offense can't tackle the defense," Gaston said. "It appears he gets him around the left ankle."

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt had asked Gaston to look at the play as part of Gaston's weekly review of officials' work. Nutt said he didn't believe Wilson held Rosegreen, though the coach after the game on Saturday called the block a "downfield tackle."

Gaston also said Tuesday that he believed umpire Larry Leatherwood, who made the holding call, was "in the perfect position" to view the play.

Gaston said he would prepare a report on the review and notify Nutt of his opinion.

The holding call on Jones' run was one of two against Wilson in Arkansas' loss. Another cost Cedric Cobbs a 68-yard run to the Auburn 19. Nutt said that the calls didn't necessarily cost Arkansas the ballgame -- the Razorbacks had too many other problems Saturday -- but that he was frustrated with the penalties.

Monday, Gaston said Leatherwood had reported through referee Steve Landis that he believed Wilson grabbed Rosegreen's ankle during Jones' run.

On Cobbs' run, Landis said the crew was of the opinion that Wilson held Rosegreen early in his block, extended his arms outside of his torso and prevented Rosegreen from having an opportunity to pursue Cobbs.

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