BYU investigation finds no problems with Ricky Clemons' correspondence courses

Updated: October 14, 2003, 6:12 AM ET

PROVO, Utah -- A Brigham Young University investigation found no irregularities in former Missouri guard Ricky Clemons' three BYU correspondence courses in summer 2002.

"The department of independent study reviewed the correspondence courses taken by Ricky Clemons to determine if the department's procedures were followed correctly," university spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said. "BYU's procedures were followed correctly."

Clemons, 23, earned nine credits from BYU during a two-month period, receiving an A grade in "Family Interaction," and B's in "Principles of Biology" and "Human Anatomy."

BYU officials independently opened a probe into Clemons' course work because of allegations he cheated at Barton County Community College in Kansas and Missouri University.

The allegations were made by his ex-girlfriend. Clemons served a jail sentence after he admitted to choking the woman at his Columbia, Mo., apartment in January.

Clemons earned 12 hours by attending classes at Barton, completed the nine credits from BYU and added three credits through a correspondence program at Adams State College in Colorado.

He went on to start all 32 games last season for Missouri, where he averaged 14.2 points a game. He was dismissed from the team in July after he violated the terms of his jail work release program.

Clemons' girlfriend alleged that he was given exam answers at Barton County and that she witnessed a Missouri tutor write a paper for him.

Jenkins said BYU has not been contacted by the University of Missouri, police or the NCAA.

BYU spoke with the professors who monitored his course work and two telephone interviews with the proctor who monitored his exams, Jenkins said.

"The proctor did verify that all of BYU's proctoring procedures were followed correctly," she said.

The proctor said Clemons' identity was verified before taking the test, his tests were not opened prematurely and he did not use unauthorized materials.

The proctor said he and Clemons remained in the room throughout his exams and the proctor collected all the materials and mailed them to BYU.

Clemons, a 5-foot-11 point guard, once scored 51 points against Utah Valley State College while playing for the College of Southern Idaho. During the summer of 2002, he needed to earn an associate degree to become eligible to play for Missouri. Over a 60-day period, he completed 20 credit hours from three institutions.

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