Carolina's Morgan regrets playing last week

Updated: October 29, 2003, 6:08 PM ET

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina linebacker Dan Morgan acknowledged Wednesday that he was disoriented and fatigued from post-concussion syndrome in the game against New Orleans and probably should not have played.

Morgan suffered a concussion on the second play of the Oct. 19 game against the Tennessee Titans, then went easy during the following week of practice. Cleared to play Sunday against New Orleans, he had a physical first half then left the game late in the second quarter and did not return.

Team officials originally believed Morgan sustained a second concussion when he collided with Saints receiver Joe Horn on Horn's touchdown catch. But the linebacker said Wednesday he thought he was actually just feeling the effects of post-concussion syndrome.

"I felt normal waking up Sunday morning," said Morgan. "And I felt great in the first quarter and into the second quarter I felt good. But as soon as I had to do a lot of consecutive plays on that touchdown drive I started to feel a little different."

Asked if he should not have played against the Saints, Morgan reluctantly said:

"I probably should have sat out."

Morgan, Carolina's first-round draft pick in 2001 and its top linebacker, could have felt pressure to play. He has missed 15 games over his short career because of injury -- two this season with a pulled hamstring -- and has often been called soft on local talk radio.

After never missing a college game at Miami, the sudden rash of injuries has frustrated Morgan, but he said he doesn't listen to critics questioning his durability.

"It's life and things are going to happen," he said. "You have to move on and can't feel sorry for yourself. And that is what I have done -- I haven't complained. I've just picked myself up and gone out there."

Morgan said he had never had a concussion before, so the symptoms were strange to him and left him confused as to how he actually felt. He said he remembered hitting his head once his senior season at Miami, which caused him to vomit, but he continued to play.

Although he said he didn't feel like himself most of last week -- he woke up with headaches and slept a lot more than he was used to -- he still elected to suit up against New Orleans and was having a good game until the second quarter.

Lightheaded, he said he lined up for one play and then turned to go the wrong way. He said he removed himself from the game shortly after.

"I was feeling a little disoriented and I was getting more and more tired. I was fatigued," Morgan said. "I usually don't feel that way during a game. For me to feel that way I knew something was wrong so I took myself out."

Wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad also suffered a concussion two weeks ago, and when given the choice to play against New Orleans decided to sit out.

Muhammad said he would play this week, and Morgan said he expects to be back out there Sunday against Houston. He did not practice Wednesday.

"I feel a lot better this week than I did last week," he said. "My head feels back to normal."

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