Greatest football video game athlete

In every sport -- from baseball to volleyball -- fans can argue; "Who was the best ever?" There's probably a call-in show somewhere debating this very topic right now. But what about video games?

Ever since our favorite on-field athletes have been put in virtual reality there have been those select few who transcend not only the cyber competition, but more often than not, their real life performance.

So, who is the greatest sports video game athlete of all time? You tell us. Voting begins today in football. Cast your ballot and tell us what you think. You don't even have to be nice, we can take it.

Brett Favre
Quarterback Club '98
Nintendo 64
Somehow Brett Fave became the uber-MVP in this game. Whether it was a 50-yard frozen rope off his back foot or a Walter Payton-esque scramble for a first down, Favre did it all. After one drive with the Packers you knew two things: you were going to win, and someone needed to tell virtual Dorsey Levens he's not getting the ball.

Bo Jackson
Tecmo Super Bowl

We've all been there. You're playing against the Raiders. You're on defense and you pick "The Play" -- pitch outside to Bo Jackson. Jay Schroeder hikes the ball. The defense collapses for a five-yard loss right? No. Bo goes around, over or through the defense for a 98-yard TD run. Probably his fifth of the day. Game over? It was over when your buddy picked the Raiders.

Jerry Rice
Tecmo Super Bowl
Another Tecmo legend, Jerry Rice was made famous for his success in everyone's favorite pass play. Drive to your opponents one yard line and have Joe Montana fade back to the opposite end zone for a 100-yard plus toss. Now, with most receivers this was a gamble, but with Jerry -- it was an easy six.

Jeremy Shockey
Madden 2004
PS2, Xbox
The newest member of the list comes from this year's crop of games. Jeremy Shockey definitely doesn't have the sophomore jinx in Madden 2004. Need another blocker for Tiki Barber? Shockey holds the 300-pounders at bay with ease. Throwing into triple coverage? Not a problem. Shockey will leap over two guys and then knock the third down just for fun en route to a 30-plus yard gain. It seems the only thing that can slow Shockey is his flowing mane of hair.

Emmitt Smith
Madden '94
Sega Genesis
Video game or not, there's a lot of pressure coming into the season as back-to-back defending Super Bowl champs and Emmitt Smith was up to the challenge. The first time you pitched to Smith you quickly learned that the B button was your friend as the rushing leader spun and burst for first down after first down. Sounds like a long virtual day at the office for Troy and Michael.