Gamer voices: Cyber gridiron heroes

We asked what you thought of our football list and to give us some of your video game SportsCenter highlights -- and you definitely let us know.

Here's just a few of of the video game addicts who set us straight:

"I have to make a pitch for the often over-looked Bob Nelson of the GB Packers in Super Tecmo. With a move we termed the "nose tackle dive" he could end most plays before they got started. It became so bad we had to outlaw the move when playing one another. Of all the nose tackles, Bob Nelson was the best."

"PS -- There are five Ohio St. grads who almost flunked out spring quarter of their sophomore years because of Super Tecmo. You weren't allowed to go to class if it was your turn to play a "season" game."
-- Kevin, Columbus, Ohio

"What about Derrick Thomas in Tecmo Bowl. Play a whole season and end up with around 100 sacks. DT was unstoppable!!!!"
-- Adam, Uniontown , PA

"Can you possibly say that there is anything better than LT in the original Tecmo Bowl? He either picks off every pass or sacks the QB every play. Definitely the best player in video game history. Possibly the best player in the history of football period."
-- Josh, Orlando, FL

"Take Shockey off the list. That's a disgrace"
-- Fred, Hampton, NH

"The greatest video athlete of all time, and seemingly the most forgotten, is Lawrence Taylor from the original Tecmo Bowl. This guy was unstoppable. It didn't matter what play was called, because LT would simply run through the players like they weren't there. Call a pass? Better get it off in about a quarter of a second, because otherwise LT was gonna bring you down. Call a run? Uh-uh, LT would be on you before you hit the line of scrimmage ... even if you were Bo Jackson. And if somehow, you got into position to score a field goal, you were still screwed because LT would be back there before the kicker got the ball. That was dominance."
-- Frank, Philadelphia, PA

"How could Thurman Thomas from Tecmo Super Bowl be left off the list? While not as fast as Bo, T.T. could never be tackled, NEVER, as I still remember being like 9 and breaking 12 tackles for a 97 yard TD run."
-- Mike, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I think that your memory is too short. The ultimate single player had to be Walter Payton in the original Tecmo Bowl for the NES. Run him up the middle, to the corner or anywhere you felt like it and he was a certain TD. Sure, there might have been only nine players on each side, and four plays for each team, but if one of those players was Payton, the game was over before it started."
-- Kurt, Corvallis, OR

"I'm sure not very many people were all too familiar with his real life playing abilities, but I guarantee you that most will agree that the greatest kick returner in the history of video games was none other than the immortal Gil Fenerty of the New Orleans Saints in Tecmo Super Bowl on NES. I've had my fair share of memories were Gil would break one of his patented 105 yard TD returns breaking about 10 tackles in the process."
-- Mike, Round Lake Heights, Illinois

"QB Eagles (don't call him Cunningham) was an unstoppable force in Tecmo Super Bowl."
-- Jack, Chapel Hill, NC

"How can you leave out Joe Montana Football for Sega? You could take Jerry Rice and run out the whole quarter with one play. Run the perimeter of the field and watch the other team in pursuit. Then when the clock reaches 0:00 casually stroll into the endzone."
-- Justin, Richmond, VA

"Where are the defenders? In Tecmo, there is one chance to stop Bo Jackson. He is the towering inferno of unholy fury known as Lawrence Taylor."
-- Jesse, Hillsboro, ND

"All I know is that when I would play Madden '95 for Super Nintendo I would never have an opportunity to play with Barry, Moore and the rest of a great offense on the Lions because just about every kick was returned by the greatest Mel Grey. He could catch the ball in the back of the end zone run up the right sideline then cut it back up the middle taking it to the house. He would return at least 5 kicks a game."
-- Jeff, Berkley, Michigan

"Christian Okoye from Tecmo Super Bowl for NES. He was a monster running over people. It didn't matter that he couldn't last a whole season. He had more yards in the first 12 games than most did the entire season."
-- Jason, Seattle, WA

"You forgot about Barry Sanders, circa Madden '95, the year they introduced the spin move -- just press B on your Sega game controller all day and no one could tackle him. He had a force field."
-- Andrew, Lancaster, PA

"For sentimental reasons, Walter Payton should have made the list. The original Tecmo Bowl is the only video game to ever include "Sweetness" That alone makes him the greatest video game player of all time. He left at the top!"
-- Jim, Tinley Park, IL

"I have to vote for Bo Jackson. My brother would ALWAYS pick the Raiders and stomp all over me with Bo Jackson. I started to hate Bo in real life, based on his video game. Damn you Bo Jackson, Damn you."
-- John, Phoenix, AZ