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 Tuesday, September 7
Sights and sounds
 Video Archive
videoDon't hurt yourself laughing when you see these outtakes from ESPN over the years.
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videoGo behind the scenes on the making of "This is SportsCenter" ad campaign.
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videoESPN pioneers describe what it was like that first night on-air.
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videoLee Leonard opens up the first ESPN broadcast.
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videoBill Rasmussen, ESPN co-founder, says a 20-year dedication to hard work has been the key to success.
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videoFormer executive producer Bill Fitts, explains ESPN's first live coverage of the NCAA basketball tournament.
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 Audio Archive
Jim Simpson describes working with Dick Vitale in the early years.
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Dick Vitale gets his catch phrases from the locker room.
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Every player wants a Chris Berman nickname.
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ESPN equals catch phrases.
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Chris Berman describes how the 49ers defeated the Cowboys with "The Catch" in the 1981 NFC Championship.
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