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 Monday, September 6
Twenty years highlighted in a three-hour show Sept. 7
 To mark its 20th anniversary, ESPN will present a three-hour special highlighting the many memorable moments and major news stories of two decades of sports coverage Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. ET.

Chris Berman, who joined the network in its first month of operation, will host and will be joined by a variety of ESPN commentators, including ESPN original Bob Ley and long-time SportsCenter anchor Dan Patrick. The program will trace ESPN's evolution through the changing manner in which the network has covered many of sport's most significant events.

Fans will be able to review the exploits of the great athletes of the times, highlighted by the careers of John Elway, Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan. All three rose to prominence in ESPN's early years and retired within the last year. The show will also review the company's history and the many changes in sports and sports television since ESPN launched in 1.4 million homes on September 7, 1979 -- all presented with the network's trademark style of taking sports seriously, while not taking itself too seriously.

"It's been an incredible 20 years in sports, and an incredible run for ESPN," said George Bodenheimer, ESPN president. "This program will allow our fans to relive memorable sporting events and once-in-a-lifetime moments as seen through the eyes of ESPN."

A theme running throughout the program will focus on how both ESPN and sports have changed and grown. Other elements include:

  • Milestones, history-making events, unprecedented individual feats
  • The history of SportsCenter, ESPN's flagship program
  • ESPN's coverage of famous athletes before they were well known
  • A summary of the advances in sports television technology
  • The changes in fashion over 20 years -- both athletes' and sportscasters'
  • The influence of ESPN commentators on popular language
  • A montage of the many references to ESPN in movies and on TV, demonstrating ESPN's impact on popular culture
  • Excerpts from features that touched fans' emotions
  • Memorable sound bites
  • A "Where Are They Now" segment on former ESPN commentators
  • The most popular ESPN promos, including Art Donovan (NFL), Robert Goulet (NCAA basketball) and "This is SportsCenter"
  • Nick Bakay with his "Tale of the Tape" segment comparing New York, the media capital of the world, and ESPN's headquarters of Bristol, Conn.
  • And, of course, bloopers featuring ESPN commentators


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