While we love the Mag office's corner like a sibling, we decided to take our 34th and Madison concept on a road trip this week—past Herald Square to MSG and the Big East Tournament. There, we culled some pre-Selection Sunday Final Four picks, asked people if they were aware of how connected to the world Michael Beasley truly is , and got some interesting takes on the best mascot in the land. Honkies? [Ed's note: One of our bosses went to Duke, and we got a few MSG attendees to throw the Devils under the bus, but really, how interesting is that anymore?]

By Sunday, every conference championship will be decided (the Big East and ACC will do battle exclusively on ESPN), Selection Sunday will give you the fits as you scribble your first bracket, and "Black Magic" (Part 1) will hit on the WWL. Since the match-ups shape themselves as the weekend progresses, we can't offer specific viewing instructions aside from this: find a couch, or a bar stool and just park yourself in front of some HDTV device. Something magical always happens .

Here's the complete viewing schedule , if you're into one-stop shopping.

In the NBA, the most interesting game on paper this weekend is Sunday, when the Rockets do battle with the Lakers (3:30pm ET, ABC). Presuming Houston handles the Bobcats tonight (8:30pm ET), they'll be riding a 21-game streak into the game. Even with three rings, Kobe's never won that many games in a row.

It's the Ides of March, but please don't celebrate by stabbing anyone close to you. Rather, just embrace the Madness.